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Bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger. My passport ran out three weeks ago. Due to being an ill-organised bastard I forgot to send off the renewal forms. And today, biometric passports start to be introduced.

You know what? Fuck that for a laugh. They’re supposedly being brought in purely to “save us the trouble of having to get a visa when we go to America” – but I have precisely no desire ever to go to America, ta very much. And if I did have to go, I’d have no problem applying for a visa. So they’re going to extract a load of information about me I don’t want them to have on the off-chance I might decide to go to a place I have no wish to go. Brilliant. Nice one, intrusive government types.

Update: The peers are on the case – but what’s all this?

“Conservative and Liberal Democrat peers are dropping their previous insistence that the scheme should not go ahead until the full costs of the project are revealed.”

Eh? You what now? Idiots.