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Public Service Announcement – May local elections

If you want to vote in the May local elections you only have three weeks to make sure you are registered, as the deadline is Monday 13th March. Application forms can be downloaded here – and at the same site you can enter your postcode to check whether you have any elections in your area.

It is well worth noting that as local elections traditionally have a very low turnout, they are an ideal time to have an impact. Want to give Blair and co a bloody nose? Get registered and show your displeasure in the only way they understand – by voting for somebody else and reducing their hold over the country.

Update: From A Logical Voice, potential marginals and other interesting electoral battlegrounds. Doubtless we’ll end up with more detailed breakdowns over the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you live in any of these places, your vote could be significant on May 4th, so make sure you’re registered:

Bexley, Bradford ,Brent, Bury, Calderdale, Camden, Croydon, Doncaster, Fulham, Hammersmith, Haringey, Havering, Hillingdon, Kirklees, Lambeth, Leeds, North Tyneside, Rochdale, Solihull, St. Helens


  1. Keep up the good work Nose Monkey. I was just going to try and find some information on the most marginal councils. I'll post thelink here as well when I find some more information.

  2. Ok, i've found some target areas, have posted about it at… , will try and keep it updated as I get more ifnormation.

  3. Cool. St Helens is a marginal. When I lived there it was the place where they used to test to destruction the old adage 'if they put a post up here in Labour colours it would get in'.

    Local elections by PR (STV) in Scotland next year. Can't wait.

  4. Hello Pete, Yes, I have friends over in St. Helens.

    The grassroots Labour Party was furious when Shaun Woodward was parachuted in, after his defection from the Tories. The first time he stood, the Labour share of the vote plummetted there, and I believe that there was uproar in the Labour controlled town hall when they realised there was going to be a hung council, they were desperate to cling to power, and the Lib Dems there wouldn't do a deal with Labour, bringing charges from Labour that the Lib Dems were obstructing democracy!!

    How bizarre, Labour were charging the Lib Dems with obstructing democracy, because they wouldn't work with a highly unpopular Labour Party.

    I don't think grassroots Labour supporters are happy that Labour are working with a Tory mayor there.

    Labour should really loose their "workable majority" there at these elections. If Labour loses 2 seats this May in St. Helens, and they really have no workable majority, that'll really send shockwaves through Labour, given the history of Labour control over the town.

  5. For anyone in Lambeth you might want to take a look at

    It lets you add your comments to the local manifestos, get the election results for the 2002 locals, find out about who is standing and record your priorities for your ward.

    Hopefully it might help boost the piss poor turnout in Lambeth (17% in my ward!).