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Political philosophy thought for the day

John Locke, Second Treatise of Government, Ch.III:

“he who attempts to get another man into his absolute power does thereby put himself into a state of war with him; it being to be understood as a declaration of a design upon his life. For I have reason to conclude that he who would get me into his power without my consent would use me as he pleased when he had got me there, and destroy me too when he had a fancy to it; for nobody can desire to have me in his absolute power unless it be to compel me by force to that which is against my right of freedom – i.e. make me a slave…

“let his pretence be what it will, I have no reason to suppose that he who would take away my liberty would not, when he had me in his power, take away everything else.”

(A reminder, following recent and ongoing developments)

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