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Berlusconi + Mussolini, sitting in a tree…

A day after the good mini-Mussolini bit the dust, Silvio Berlusconi is seemingly making his fascistic, dictatorial aspirations clear as he announces his hope to team up with Il Duce’s daughter Alessandra, leader of a group of batty far-right loons in the finest tradition of daddy’s days, should he win the upcoming Italian general election.

“I’m sure that Ms Mussolini, as she assured me, will list only candidates for whose democratic values she can personally guarantee,”

Said the major media owner who has tried to weaken laws guaranteeing equal media access during election campaigns, the political leader who has tried to reform the country’s constitution to focus more power on a single political leader, the man who has supported electoral reforms designed to give a winning coalition a bonus of 340 seats, even if they had but one vote more than their rivals, and designed to cut out independent candidates – like the nonpartisan leader of the main opposition coalition.

Update: A top-notch Berlusconi battiness roundup.

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