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Having problems finding a plumber? Well those kindly souls over in Brussels are trying to save you from your misery with the Services Directive, allowing the Daily Mail the joy of umpteen thousand headlines about German Garbage collectors stealing our wastepaper, unions and the like to moan about how the increased competition will drive down prices (like that’s a bad thing?) and the wonderous workers of Whitehall to – as they do with every EU directive, a prime cause of anti-EU grumblings – implement the thing so bloody enthusiastically that it’ll doubtless become law to have at least one hairdresser of Slavic descent in every salon in the land.

It’s naturally all a lot more complicated than that and I’m merely being facetious as I’m still enraged by the Westminster votes of the last few days, so check out EUPolitix’s handy guide so you can pretend to be all knowledgable when the result of the EU Parliament’s vote comes through later today.

Update (11:45am): They’ve passed it.

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