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More on the British government and Uzbekistan torture

Following Lenin’s lead, more in-depth posts about the latest attempts to mislead the public over the extent of Britain’s interest in torture are cropping up at Bloggerheads and former Ambassador Craig Murray’s own blog.

Murray was sacked for trying to get this information to the general public. He even stood against Jack Straw in the General Election to try and gain publicity for the (apparent) fact that Blair and co are quite happy to allow dodgy dictatorships to mutilate and murder as a proxy for Britain. The general public have so far shown precisely fuck all interest in the matter, and now the Foreign Office are trying to censor Murray’s memoirs to lessen the proof he can show and thusly make him out to be a misguided nutter that the public are entirely justified in ignoring.

Tell you what, though, it may be more comfortable to ignore claims that our government is happy to obtain information extracted through torture – but if they continue to deny it despite growing evidence to the contrary, if they try to suppress evidence which suggests that our elected politicians knew about this and were happy to allow it to continue, then none of the fuckers should be in office. If these claims that they knew all about it from the start are true, the moral bankruptcy of our overlords is such that we cannot risk trusting them over anything ever again.

You thought reneging on the tuition fees manifesto promise was bad? How’d you like to have your wife and kids violently fucked before your eyes by a group of grinning prison guards while more of them electrocute you and shove glass bottles up your already bleeding arse?

Don’t ignore it. Make it your New Year’s resolution to get these bastards held to account.

Friday morning update: The Independent has picked up on the story, as have scores of US bloggers – notably the mighty Kos – and “Craig Murray” is, as I type, the 6th most popular search term on Technorati. Good work everyone. Looks like this could gain some notice – as long as the fuss can be kept up into next week when everyone starts paying attention to news again…

Best places for continuing updates look to be Blairwatch and Chris Floyd’s related stories feeds.