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Christmas was acceptable

Five days with no news, plenty of beer, wine, whisky, champagne, port, armagnac and cognac, obscene amounts of top-notch food and even some snow. Hurrah.

I return to discover that I made it to number 8 in Blogpulse’s top blogposts of 2005 run-down – with only 52 people having to die and a whole bunch of others getting mentally and physically scarred for life to get me there. Makes me so proud…

It’s also worth noting that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is being arsey in an attempt to stifle knowledge of the government’s complicity in torture. Keep an eye on former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, whose memoirs are at the centre of this latest dispute, for more.

You may also like to check out Mark Mardell’s review of the EU year – he seems to be predicting another year of debate about the future direction of the entire EU project. Which is sort of what I was predicting twelve months ago for 2005 and it never really happened in anything like a constructive manner, so forgive me if I remain fairly certain that the entire continent’s going to approach the new year and its perennial problems in its traditional ostrich-like pose, firmly refusing to confront the manifold dilemmas that recent events and long-term trends have conspired to produce.

In other words, 2006 looks to be about to kick off with a load of the same old stuff. Still, might prompt a few more longer, more considered postings at some point, I suppose…

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