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Looks different, eh?

This weekend has mostly been spent fiddling with HTML and CSS, and watching The West Wing. The results were mostly satisfying all round (Season 6 is a decided return to form).

Although I’m happy enough with it to roll it out, there are a few niggling problems with the code for this place – any help would be much appreciated. In Internet Explorer on PC the sidebars aren’t quite in the right place, and the title bar drops down a few pixels too low. In Firefox on the PC, the BlogAds box keeps shifting around the shop for no apparent reason. In both, the drop-down menu things in the sidebars don’t look right. There are doubtless more, and all are entirely due to my own lack of any kind of programming knowledge – this has been a case of trial and error.

Thanks once again to Chris for working out the initial template, and now – as I’ve had no chance to actually write anything this weekend (at least nothing that hasn’t involved vast numbers of triangular brackets), go check out the latest Britblog Roundup – good as ever, and in particular the Curious Hamster on Sir Ian Blair – the post I would have written this weekend had I not been overwhelmed with code stuff… The only addition I would make is that there is now a strong case to be made that Blair not only broke the law by not allowing the IPCC to check the scene of the Stockwell shooting, but also that he misled parliament – and either way the man is not fit to hold office any more. Then again, we knew that anyway…