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Thanks, Gordon! Now I’m even less likely ever to be able to afford my own place! Cheers!

*Nosemonkey wanders off to ponder a future full of unstable and over-priced rental accommodation and slow starvation in old age due to inability to afford a proper private pension – assuming, of course, that terrorists, MRSA or the Metropolitan Police don’t kill him first*


  1. The resulting headlong rush into buy-to-let will mean that the rental income from a flat will fall to the price of a bag of crisps – several people I know of in London are renting at 1/2 the mortgage cost for the property they live in, already.

    Since there are a limited number of poeople who own their rental properties outright, for the rest – well, they’ll either sell or go bankrupt. So, in a few years, there will be alarge quantity of cheap housing on the market.

    This is already happeing in the London housing market – in some areas the price of 1 bed flats is falling off a cliff. Large flats and houses are rising, resulting in the whole “housing market stable or falling slighty” thing.

    So Nosemonkey will have a place to live. And the people who invested in �500,000 1 bedroom flats will sue because they were “mis-sold”.

  2. We can but hope, eh? Rich bastards being able to own property and stuff… Like my mate like wot’s about to take out a �500,00 mortgge on some place because he decided to opt for a career in which you actually get a decent wage. The cunt. Does he give me any of his vast riches? Does he bollocks…

    (And therein lies the route of all socialism – envy, hatred and resentment. FACT.)

    Still, London house prices will have to collapse utterly before I’ll have any chance of getting a mortgage big enough even to afford a tiny studio flat in zone 6 on my pathetic salary. (I’m worth more than this, damn it…)

  3. And then there’s your damn ‘friends’ whose parents just buy them a 2 million pad in Kensington, and then not invite you to go and live there rent free.

    The bastards.

  4. But, but, surely Gordon Brown is the face of old Labour that all us proles have been waiting for. Oh, can’t I even trust politicians anymore?

  5. This has nothing to do with what you wrote but I love the new blog design. Very neat and orderly… Very very cool.

  6. i wish I could be as optimistic as anonymous. despite the flatness of the housing market and the vast numbers of buy to let properties already in existence, i’ve been waiting for the much heralded rents collapse to arrive for ages.

    in fact, in my area at least, thanks to continued high levels of immigration (of all classes, and I include people moving from elsewhere in the country to London, as well as from abroad), rents are actually still rising, and I can’t see that changing.

    As long as London is a desirable city to live in, there will be enough incomers to keep up almost indefinite levels of rental properties, I fear.

    (nb – this isn’t a call for immigration to be capped. on the contrary, it’s one of the things I love about the city. Just pointing out that it may stop anonymous’s scenario coming to pass)

  7. You forgot bird flu.