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An EU “loyalty oath”? If that idea doesn’t get the eurosceptics all heated up I don’t know what will… It’ll be interesting to see the response to proposals by the EU�s justice and security Commissioner Franco Frattini to “get every immigrant to somehow declare they will respect national law, EU law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights”. Considering that there are MEPs who wouldn’t take an oath to respect EU Law and that the Blair government is already in breach of the Charter of Fundamental Rights (and threatening to pull out altogether), is it really right to expect anyone else to?


  1. The man is clearly floating a boat. I was talking to somebody at the Press conference and they claimed that Frattini was more explicit than that article suggests.
    As a matter of interest do you think that us foaming sceps should go overboard or not? I reckon it is justified on account of if enough noise is made a dumb idea may get shelved. If no noise is made than the fools will go ahead and do it.

  2. Elaib said: if enough noise is made a dumb idea may get shelved

    I don't think it is a dumb idea. Immigrants should be obliged to declare loyalty with the West's values, if they want to live here. Of course, most immigrants are loyal already — they wouldn't have moved here if they weren't in basic agreement with how life is lived in Europe — but a small minority think it is OK to support blowing up trains or murdering film-makers in order to further a crackpot religious cause. That's unacceptable, and people who think like that should be made to feel unwelcome in Europe, because they are unwelcome.

    Whether this is done at a national level or at an EU level is something I am agnostic about. One advantage of doing it at an EU level is that the EU can credibly speak for the whole of European civilisation which one state such as Britain cannot. Why do it at the civilisational level? In order to emphasize that these beliefs not just national ones (although they are), but are shared by our whole civilisation.