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Tonight’s London bombs piss-up

If anyone else from the media and stuff – or anyone who contributed to the fund, wants to contribute in person, or who had a near-miss on the day – is interested in attending this thank-you booze-up for paramedic volunteers, drop me an email at nosemonkey [at symbol thing] gmail [full-stop] com. Write-up tomorrow, plus details of any television / newspaper coverage as and when I know – my brief bit of fame of a live TV interview tonight is beginning to look less certain, however (can’t decide whether it’s a relief or a disappointment…)

Update: Well, looks like Auntie’s going ahead after all. As such, expect to see a particularly nervous-looking Nosemonkey being interviewed live on BBC London News tonight at some point after 6:30.

Bricking it…

Update 2: I’m now closing the appeal – thanks again to all who donated. If anyone’s still feeling charitable, Instapundit has a long list of blogger reccomendations for hurricane relief charities after the unpleasantness in New Orleans.