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Quick missive from the colonies*

Canada seems pleasant. Almost suspiciously so… Everyone’s polite. And it’s sunny. And despite being far too cold, the beer’s rather pleasing. And the food’s great.

In fact, so far Vancouver appears to be everything that London so often pretends to be – cosmopolitan, happily multiracial/multicultural with none of the attendant fears of the other, and with what appears to be a ridiculously low crime rate – worts I’ve witnessed so far was a fight between an Alsatian and a Pug. (Well, a savaging might be more acurate – the poor little bugger got tossed around like the proverbial wotsit thing).

Anyway, Nosemonkey’s official verdict – Canada’s OK. Now I’m off to get a massive coffee and look at mountains before heading off to a wedding this evening. Ta-ta all.

* Yes, I am aware that Canada is actually one of Her Majesty’s dominions. Not happy about her only being on the $20 bill though… She should be on ALL the money, damn it.