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12 hours of being trapped in a window seat behind the biggest man in the world with his seat all the way back making reading (or, indeed, moving) impossible; knees contorted beyond belief; forced to watch a double bill of Monster in Law and Miss Congeniality 2 and then an Ice Cube kid flick inexplicably dubbed into Portugese with unreadable, bright yellow English subtitles; a flight staff unwilling or unable to provide anything in the way of liquid refreshment – not even water, and certainly not alcohol – not to mention the inevitable lack of cigarettes and the stupid woman in the row behind who started screaming at every slight rock of the plane, I am understandably in no fit state to say much about anything. Other than don’t bother with the cheap flight option if you’re going transatlantic. It’s really, really not worth it…

Tomorrow I shall try and catch up on what I’ve missed (Mo Mowlam, the rampant amateurism of the Metropolitan “off for a” Pissolice etc. etc.), as Canadian newspapers and television news – as I previously suspected but now know for a fact – are utter, utter shite. Now, however, I’m off for a pint of proper bitter, then the sleep of the dead. Followed by getting up at seven tomorrow for a five mile cycle into work. Joy…

Oh, and another thing – can any web expert type person tell me why the pissing fuck these BlogAd things seem to be shifting position all the sodding time? They get me money, so I’m a tad loath to get rid of the bastards, but if they’re going to fuck up the limited formatting this site’s built over the last year (1 year anniversary of regular postage on Sunday – woo!) then I may have to scrap the buggers, which would be irritating.

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