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ID cards support

The TelegraphPanic in No 10 as ID card support collapses:

“A YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph shows that backing for ID cards has plummeted from 78 per cent less than two years ago to 45 per cent.”

Good. But worryingly, from the same article, it looks like Blair’s lost any touch he may once have had with reality:

“Amid further signs of Labour disarray, it emerged yesterday that the Prime Minister had delivered a furious rebuke to Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, for ‘going soft’ on the fight against crime.”

The Safety Elephant? Soft on crime? The guy’s quite happy to lock us all up without trial, confine us to our homes, electronically tag us and keep our DNA on file in a technologically substandard take on Minority Report – the only way he could get tougher is sending out Brazilian-style death squads. Is this the “culture of respect” Tony’s been going on about? Let’s face it, if you don’t respect someone who’s shoving a gun down your throat, you aren’t going to respect anyone. That’ll teach the little hoody-wearing bastards…

Update: I should have guessed Anthony Wells would have something on this poll…

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