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German ID

In Actual Fact on the practical side of ID cards:

“What was surprising yesterday was that four people, in Bundesgrenzschutz uniform got on the train at Colmar in France and during the 10km journey to Saarbr�cken in Germany, went through the entire train demanding to see the ID/Passports of everyone on board. After showing one of them my passport, I asked the man (who was, I should add, friendly, courteous and polite) why border passport controls were still taking place 15 years after Schengen. ‘Oh, it�s not a border control,’ he said, ‘just a random, spot check'”

Welcome to Blair’s identity card Britain.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, need to think of that next time I visit Germany ;-)

    While I still have a German id card it is now expired and I can't renew it. You can only renew a German id card if you're registered and live in Germany.

    Having lived in the UK for quite a long time now I'm so used to not having to carry an id card with me that I usually leave it at "home" (i.e my parents or my sister) while I'm in Germany.

    Might get me into some trouble should I run into a random check somewhere while in Germany…