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General election blog roundup 22

We’re finally into the home straight, everyone’s bored rigid, but we’ve still got a nice general election blog roundup for you.

If you happen to be American and have got all confused by this shoddy attempt at democracy in the country that pretty much invented the concept of parliament, you could do worse than check out this overview from Diderot’s Lounge:

“Imagine a election system in which the incumbent leader�s party places third, with 30% of the vote or less, but that party is returned to power with an absolute majority of seats in Parliament–and the first-place party wins barely one-eighth of the seats.

“This can happen�not in Putin�s Russia, Khamenei�s Iran, or Faure�s Togo, but in Blair�s Britain.”

Britain: it’s like Florida, but without the sunshine and oranges and alligators and stuff. There’s more from the Lounge here which is also worth a look.

Oh, and lest I forget, you really should read Manic’s handy reminder of all the lies, incomptetence and spin.