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General election blog roundup 21

Courtesy of yours truly, up now at the General Election Blog.

Note to self: don’t write these things while half asleep, partially drunk and nursing a headache in future… Still, as I done it and stuff, I reckon reproducing it here is just about fine. Here you are then:

It’s a Bank Holiday, my head hurts from booze and Tony Blair is having to pretend that yet MORE Iraq-based leaks mean nothing. “But what of British bloggers?” I hear you cry. “What of all these weirdly-named loners, sat inside on such a lovely day, spewing forth invective and insight?”

Well, because of all this Iraq business, let’s kick off with the not really weirdly-named Phil at Actually Existing (who may or may not be a loner, I have no idea), with a fairly detailed analysis of the legality of the war, following a particularly patronising load of guff from the Guardian, while The Obscurer had a good one up a couple of days ago, and smhwpf also has a nice, lengthy take on why this Iraq thing is so damn important to some of us. (Phil’s piece slagging off everyone’s least favourite hack, erstwhile Harry’s Place blogger Johann Hari, is also worth a look).

Meanwhile, Martin Stabe has an overview of the latest leaks – as well as an amusing bit on just how damn stupid certain people are being when it comes to revealing information about the Iraq war. The Curious Hamster provides another handy overview, but that Harry’s Place lot, Labour loyalists to the last, can’t see what all the fuss is about, and neither can Gauche. (Hint: it’s because Blair spouted bollocks, guys…) Oh, and John B of Shot by Both Sides has a nice summary of some of the patronising Labourite nonsense over that whole Ricin business which is also worth a look.

Oh, and while we’re Harry’s Place bashing (OK, while I’m Harry’s Place bashing – that’s what you get for not linking to my site for over six months – ha!), the brilliantly-named (and rather amusing) Chase Me Ladies I’m in the Cavalry has a take on that whole “the Respect party are a bunch of violent thugs” thing that was doing the rounds a couple of days ago. Dave Wheeden, meanwhile, makes the somewhat pertinent point that – erm – individuals cannot be taken as representative of a party as a whole. Let’s face it, if every member of the Labour party was like Glenda Jackson, the world would be a much nicer place…

If you’re pissed off by all this, there’s another handy look at the potential (lots) and pitfalls (not many) of anti-Labour tactical voting over at Consider Phlebas.

But, of course, tactical voting requires actual voting. Samizdata attempts to fight the apathy to analyse the decline in turnout over the years, while Left Out Liberal looks at the student vote – or lack thereof… But one student who does look interested is good old DoctorVee, who’s provided a handy roundup of election pamphlets from his constituency. I got one today from the bonkers “Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket” bloke… Election leaflets are funny. Stephen Pollard, however, isn’t so happy about the things.

And talking of people who aren’t happy, Sinn Fein’s manifesto gets a nice going over at Slugger O’Toole, where they also seem to have found one of the more attractive candidates in these elections in the Green party’s Kelly Andrews…

Ho-hum. There’s only a few days to go and the forecasts are looking good, so Guido has started pondering what happens afterwards.

That not enough for you? Then head over to Tim Worstall’s place for his latest BritBlog Roundup. Good stuff as always.

And keep sending the links in to the usual address. I’m also trying to find out who else, like me, is planning to liveblog the election – so get in touch if you are. Not that I imagine it’ll be much fun, but still…

And now for a witty final remark to make myself look clever and great and stuff. Erm…

Tony Blair stinks of wee! Hahahahahahaha!