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EU constitutional treaty referendum linkdump

The plan is to keep updating this with links to useful blog posts etc. with interesting things to say on the EU constitution and the ratification process, and whack a link to it in the EU Info section to the top left there for ease of access:

Actually Existing with a superb selection of quotes, everyone from Jurgen Habermas to Denis MacShane.

Hold That Thought has more detail on Habermas’ latest take on the constitution, and here’s the letter from Habermas and other German intellectuals to the French voters. For Habermas’ old views on the need for a constitution from 2001, see here.

Meaders of Dead Men Left has a rebuttal to the above. And now there’s a rebuttal of the rebuttal from Hold That Thought.

Eulogist of European Democracy explains in detail why he reckons the constitution is a good thing.

The World Socialist Web Site urges a “No” to prevent the entrenchment of bourgeois capitalism and aid the coming of the United Socialist States of Europe, something many on the right already claim it to be.

The superb Transatlantic Assembly on the myth of the “pro-European No”, and again on French referendum pro-constitution propaganda,, yet again on the French left and the constitution, and once more on how the constitution doesn’t really change anything. Hell, go and flick through their archives – there’s a whole load of good stuff on the constitution there…

Is the French referendum a farcical piece of state terrorism?

Deutsche Welle reckons the EU can survive rejecting the constitution – just…

But EU president Jean-Claude Juncker reckons it’d be a disaster for the world and Timothy Garton Ash prays for a French Oui.

“Key thinkers” on the constitution – from Boris Johnson to Tony Benn. And part two.

The treaty text: why, who and what next – a handy Q&A – and some background to the constitution.

Why No? It’s their economies, stupid.

Three vital ways to limit the damage in the miserable event of a ‘yes’.

I wonder what he meant by that – the implications of the Dutch and French referendums against the constitutional treaty from a Conservative perspective.

Being Europe Par 2: After the Fall – implications for national politics.

EU, spell out internal disagreements – more implications.

Not the only fruit – the dangers of political short-termism and the future direction of the EU.

Le jour de glorie – the left and the constitution.

Good article (and ensuing discussion) on the Dutch referendum and the quality of debate over the constitution (and the problems with referenda in general) at Fistful by Frans Groenendijk.

And Diderot’s Lounge chips in with a (rare, in this debate) decidedly rational take on the situation: To Suggest the French and Dutch Votes Pushed Europe into a Crisis is Nonsense

Open Democracy’s series of articles on the constitution and the aftermath. A good range, but all .pdf downloads.