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Blair government in “we’re a bunch of abject bastards who don’t give a shit about you or your stupid so-called concerns” non-shocker!

ID cards are back today. 12pm sees the launch of the “new” bill. Grrr… More later, if I get a chance.

And, in other news, they’ve gone and made John “fuck off or I’ll twat you” Prescott head of the cabinet committee on electoral policy:

“Mr Prescott has made it clear to colleagues that there is no question of reviving PR for parliamentary elections.”

Oh, and:

“In another decision that signals his opposition to PR, Mr Blair formally abolish[ed] the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC), he set up with the former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown as a vehicle to discuss PR. The scrapping of the JCC slammed the door on the prospect of Labour-Liberal Democrat talks on voting reform and sent a powerful signal that relations between Labour and the Liberal Democrats have hit a new low. Mr Prescott has told colleagues: ‘That’s all dead now.'”

Grrrr… More on that later too, if I get a chance.