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Side-project self-promotion

I’ve started another new blog, currently full of some fairly dodgy film reviews I’ve been getting paid to do for the last few months (my journalistic career, for those who don’t know, started off in film criticism).

The USP? I hadn’t seen any of the films when I wrote the bloody things. Could be fun for any movie buffs out there to rip me to pieces about my wrong judgements, and I may well end up expanding its remit – after all, the name’s The Unseen Movie Review, so it could end up spreading to all sorts of things – films that were never made; alternative versions of movies (with preferred stars – Tom Selleck for Indiana Jones, Tom Cruise for Edward Scissorhands etc.); films that should be made.

Let me know what you think, and whether it’s worth pursuing.

(Oh, and there are some “reviews” there of films not released until later this month – don’t worry, they are all spoiler free)