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Is Kos going to join the fray?

Martin Stabe has a good roundup of how US “liberal” bloggers are beginning to respond to the UK election. In short – they can’t decide between backing the Lib Dems or Labour. Much like many on the left on this side of the pond…

Perhaps the most intriguing link from Stabe’s post, however, is this post from major lefty US blog the Daily Kos, which seems to suggest that the blog’s editor Markos Moulitsas Z�niga, who managed to raise over $500,000 for the Democrats in the 2004 Presidential elections (more details here), may be heading over to the UK.

Labour have already recruited one of John Kerry’s former webmonkeys (as m’colleague reported here), and claim to have raised upwards of �50,000 in 24 hours after an email appeal – where might the mighty Kos with his hundreds of thousands of daily readers chuck his weight, and will US tactics translate for the UK market?

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