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“Jack Straw thinks you’re a jerk”

If you haven’t worked it out yet, our man Justin McKeating – aka Chicken Yoghurt – is a bit good at the old enraged demolition of politicians’ neverending doublespeak. That’s probably why they had a screenshot of his place in teh Grauniad on Saturday and ignored poor old me (although Jarndyce has a theory on that…). Methinks had Mark Lawson actually bothered to read Justin’s site for more than two seconds he might have realised that there are some British blogs which could very easily give newspapers a run for their money both in terms of quality of writing and depth of analysis.

Anyway, I digress. I agree with pretty much every single thing in this particularly top-notch post. Except the bits said by Staw and Blair, obviously.

And, as I’m STILL getting people on here doing the usual “if you’re against the war you’re pro-Saddam” crap, here – for the record:

  • I believe that overthrowing Saddam Hussein was a GOOD THING
  • BUT I do not believe he had connections to Al Quaeda
  • NOR do I believe he had weapons of mass destruction
  • NOR do I think Saddam was a threat to Britain or America
  • NOR do I believe that the war was legal under international law
  • NOR do I think it was a sensible time to launch a war when Afghanistan was still not pacified
  • NOR do I think it was a sensible place to launch a war at a time when the Islamic world was already pissed off at the West
  • NOR do I think it was well planned
  • NOR do I think it was well executed
  • NOR do I think there is or was a realistic exit strategy
  • AND I believe other dictators were (and are) more of a threat than Saddam
  • AND I believe that the civilian casualties – whatever figure you take – are unacceptable
  • AND I believe that the military casualties – whatever figure you take – are unacceptable
  • AND I remember being told that “regime change” was not a war aim
  • AND I believe that the British and American governments either lied or were utterly incompetent, or both
  • AND I have friends – both journalists and soldiers – who have been posted to Iraq and put in direct, deadly danger because of all this

So I reckon it’s fair enough for me to be a tad annoyed. Before you accuse me of being a wishy-washy anti-war Saddam-loving hippie, bear it all in mind.

Especially bear in mind that one of my best friends from university and one of my best friends from school (with whom I shared a room for five years), both in the army, have both been posted to Iraq over the last couple of years. Understandably, I’d rather they weren’t killed – if that makes me a peacenik, so be it.

But you accuse me of loving Saddam, or of not understanding the situation, or of being naive, or if you patronise me in any way – and this goes for you too Mr Straw, Mr Blair, Mr Hoon and all the rest – I’ll tell you to fuck off.