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General election blog roundup 15

Up now, courtesy of Mr Nick Barlow.

And a bit of back-patting for me – still bitter at being overlooked by the Guardian on Saturday – I appear to have been linked by C-Net’s The Buzz Report in a piece on blogging and the big media and quoted by a Channel 4 News Special Report on UK blogging during the election campaign. (The fact that both link to a post from two months ago which was widely quoted and linked to by other bloggers at the time, thus indicating how slow on the uptake certain places are, is neither here nor there.)

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr Mark “poo-face” Lawson. Ha! Nosemonkey 1, Mark Lawson 0. (Except for his successful and well-paid career doing stuff I’d like to do, I suppose…)

Now go and read one of the best pieces of political commentary/analysis I’ve seen this year.

Update: Phil at Actually Existing has a good take onwhy Iraq should be an election issue – Crooked Timber has the expurgated version. Both worth a look.

Update 2: Some relevant Iraq news for today from, just for an extra reminder that this is not an academic discussion about a decision made two years ago, but is a situation that is still current, still claiming lives, still chaotic, and still without an end in sight:

Iraqi forces are reportedly deserting their posts as car bombs kill 25 amid escalating violence in Iraq, where “the highest casualty rate of any company in the war” is found among Marines forced to deploy “dummy marines from cardboard cutouts” due to a shortage of armor, men and planning.

Secretary of State Rice and Vice President Cheney get personal with Iraqi leaders, who fail again to form a government, while ‘Rebels thrive as politicians dither.’ Plus: ‘Prime Minister Chalabi?’

President Bush is said to be ‘more certain than ever on Iraq war,’ as insurgents shift to large-scale attacks on U.S. military installations.

Don’t let them tell you this isn’t an election issue.

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