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One English penny per EU citizen

That’s all the Commission has allocated EU-wide for pro-constitution propaganda. (�5.5 million divided by an EU population of 456 million.)

Of that, �86,000 has been allocated to the UK (one tenth of one penny per British citizen, taking current UK population as 58.7 million). That is just about enough to buy two and a bit 30 second slots on primetime weeknight ITV (�36,000 for 30 seconds on Carlton) – only there wouldn’t be any money left over to actually make the advert…

Oh, and lest we forget, Jack Straw has in any case ruled out any possibility of the government accepting any of this paltry sum.

Yep, we’re simply inundated with pro-EU propaganda, aren’t we? (The first link there is yet another wonderful example of the rabidly Eurosceptic Bruges Group spouting abject nonsense.)

More on this new drive (if such insignificant amounts of money can really be termed a “drive”) here.