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Doing the electoral maths

Well, it looks like the election will probably be called between April 4th and 7th. If you’ve been following the polls (latest: CON 34% (+4) LAB 39%(-3) LD 19%(+1)) or working out the odds (or taking others’ odds), you’re no doubt getting a tad confused.

There have been all kinds of scare stories that if you Back Blair, Vote4Peace, vote strategically or for someone else then the Tories may get back in. And that would, so everyone keeps telling me, be a disaster. Because yeah – Blair’s crap and all, but the Tories MUST be worse than Labour, right? (Because, erm… you know, the sinking of the Belgrano was… erm… obviously far worse than anything Blair’s been responsible for…)

Never fear. The Tories haven’t got a hope in hell. Here – in insane detail – is why. Feel free to vote tactically, people. Give Blair all the bloody noses you want – votes is the only language politicians understand.

Oh and for the record, I am well nigh certain that – despite everything – Labour will still be returned with a majority in excess of 100 seats. And no, I haven’t done the maths on that. It’s just a slightly sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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