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Blogger is playing up, so just a few quickies while it’s working to let you know I’m still here.

Paul Wolfowitz is trying to reassure everyone that he’s not going to bugger up the World Bank, and seems to be attempting to suck up to the EU to make up for his ex-boss Donald Rumsfeld’s somewhat antagonistic remarks about “old Europe”.

In other Euro news, here’s The Bluffer�s Guide to� the Bolkestein directive on services – sounds dull, but it’s likely to be a major issue as neither the right nor the left are especially happy with the thing…

Closer to home, Chicken Yoghurt sums up what must be many people’s feelings in the UK right now, while Perfect has a round-up of some of the nonsense we’re having to put up with.

Still it looks like the state of political debate is soon going to be raised a notch, as Blair finally answers the toughest questions. From a couple of 10 year olds on “Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway”.

Christ almighty… This is how respect for the British political system ends – not with a bang, but with a faint feeling of embarrassment. It’s going to be like watching your Dad drunkenly groping a teenage girl at a party.

The “interview” will likely be broadcast this Saturday – just two days before the expected announcement of the general election on Monday 4th April. Nice bit of free propaganda there from ITV. Unless they get in a couple of particularly subversive 10 year olds, that is…

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