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Following The Zimbabwean‘s online launch (anticipating Thursdays’s doubtless dodgy elections) comes This is Zimbabwe, a bog from the Sokwanele opposition civic action support group. Worth a look – although sadly no comment facility up at the moment. (Hat tip Cabalamat Journal.)

Elsewhere, via Siberian Light, The Agonist has Some Things You Need to Know About Kyrgyzstan. Siberian Light also points to a Tulip FAQ and part 2, a Kyrgyz who’s who.

The FAQ in turn points to a couple of blogs from Kyrgyzstan – Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan and Aileyinastan – although the latter is now being updated from Germany. The first blog has links to a number of others from Peace Corps volunteers although, unlike with Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, there don’t appear to be any native Kyrgyz bloggers writing in English at the moment. Nonetheless, (the blog formerly known as The Argus) continues to do a great job of keeping track of everything.

Meanwhile, Publius Pundit asks why there is no attention being paid to vote-rigging in Tajikistan, and points in the direction of an article by a resident outlining the background to the disputed elections there which, as of yet, have received scant attention from pretty much anyone outside the country.

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