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West Yorkshire, the BNP and the Conservative Party

Nick Griffin is a cunt and his British National Party is both fascist and racist – please, please, if you live in the Keighley constituency, do not vote for him or them. If you like, support sitting Labour MP Ann Cryer (who has written of her worries for the constituency); if not, vote for ANYONE other than the BNP – yes, even the UKIP (and it’s not often you’ll catch me condoning that…)

The growing “respectability” of the BNP, and its increasing success in local elections, is one of the prime examples of how these nanny state laws to ban aspects of freedom of speech are damaging our society.

Do not be fooled by claims that the BNP is no longer racist. It is – and strongly so. It may be less violent these days, and its rhetoric may have been toned down, but it is the same organisation at heart as that which sprang out of the neo-Nazi National Front – it just keeps most of its views private now.

By banning them from saying what they truly think, they have been able to pretend that they are nice, fluffy guys who are just a bit concerned about the economic consequences of immigration (as well as make them even more annoyed at the “liberal elite” which prefers to protect filthy foreigners rather than decent British citizens). Not only that, but it means that every time we accuse them of being racist, they can claim that they’ve seen the error of their ways and (in most cases) rightly point out that there have been no official racist BNP pronouncements in the last few years.

Yes, the laws banning incitement to racial and religious hatred are part of the problem, not the solution. If you allowed Griffin and his ilk to spout their hate-filled crap openly, they would be far easier to show up for what they are.

By all means have laws banning incitement to racial and religious violence, but hatred fosters debate and brings the nutters out in the open where they can be quickly dismissed as the maniacs they are – strong opinions should be encouraged so that they can be proved unfounded. It’s when these nutters and their true views are hidden that they pose the biggest threat.

Whose fault is the BNP’s increasing popularity? Well, the National Front had its greatest success in the early 1970s (20,000 members by 1974), at a time of increasing Tory weakness; since 1997 the BNP has been gaining ever more support along with that other rather mental right-wing party, UKIP (who are like adorable little kittens compared to the BNP). With Maggie Thatcher’s election to the Conservative Party leadership 30 years ago, and the party’s subsequent revival, the National Front began to decline.

Yep, this rise in support for the fascist BNP is another result of a weak Conservative party – as have been most of the major ills of the last seven years.

If Labour had a proper opposition they wouldn’t have got away with half the crap they’ve pulled; if Labour had a proper opposition, fringe groups like UKIP and the BNP would barely register in political coverage; if Labour had a proper opposition, we might have avoided the Iraq debacle; if Labour had a proper opposition the pension funds may still be intact; if Labour had a proper opposition habeas corpus may still have been a fundamental right in this country; if Labour had a proper opposition we might only have a few more months of Blair to put up with, rather than a few more years.

Instead, we’re stuck with them, and the apathy of the majority towards an uninspiring political class threatens a renewed rise of extremism.

Any true patriot, unlike these self-professed defenders of Britain’s heritage, would know that it is the likes of the BNP who are the true threat to this country’s values. This country is a nation of mongrels and immigrants, from the Celts via the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans and on through the successive waves of immigration of Jews, Dutch, Hugenots, Italians, French, Russians, Germans, Eastern Europeans and people from the Carribean and New Commonwealth nations. It is the intolerant likes of the BNP who have no place here, not those they would have deported.

Read more on how Griffin and the party has managed to cultivate its more reserved image of recent years:

“Griffin was allowed to get away with claiming that the BNP had mellowed and no longer believed in the compulsory deportation of British citizens whose colour he disliked. This is a lie, designed to spin media dolts. Searchlight, the fascist monitoring group, points out that the small print of BNP policy says it believes in first creating an apartheid state which separates races, then encouraging ‘voluntary repatriation’ and then considering ‘forcible repatriation’ if non-whites refuse to be driven from their homes.”

And more on Griffin’s own racism and the rise of British fascism:

“During 1996, Griffin joined the BNP… he had written that: ‘the electors of Millwall did not back a post modernist rightist party, but what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan ‘Defend Rights for Whites’ with well-directed boots and fists’ …and helped to write a pamphlet entitled Who Are the Mind-Benders?, which purported to show that important sections of the media were controlled by Jews”

Thus speaks one proud half of a mixed race relationship: The BNP are scum – they should be allowed to say what they really think so we can see them for the scum they truly are.