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Yet more ulterior motives and hypocricy with tsunami aid

Am I being too cynical to think that Germany’s overwhelming generosity to the tsunami-hit nations might be due to a desire to find an excuse for continuing to flaunt EU budget regulations?

And why has the EU chosen now of all times to raise tarrifs on Thai trade? “[EU Trade Commissioner Peter] Mandelson’s office said the legislation will have no impact on Thailand’s agriculture sector as it does not commercially produce cumarin and was illegally passing on Chinese product. But the chemical, which smells like freshly mown hay, is found in several Thai plants and is sold as a beauty ingredient locally, as well as being used in a herbal Thai coffee prepared for export.” This hardly strikes one as being a good example of long-term aid

But hey – why do these people need more money anyway? They’ve got has-been pop star Ricky Martin coming to visit!

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