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Forgot to blog this the other day – a great analysis of seven factors that could change the election by Anthony Wells – essential reading.

Martin Stabe quotes from what sounds like an interesting Financial times article which seems to explain American attitudes to the EU, while Bush buddy and intelligently rabid neocon maniac Richard Perle gives his considered opinions about the European project and warns: “Bush is straightforward, honest and says what he thinks. When he visits Europe in February he�ll say some reconciliatory things but he won�t change the thrust of his policies � policies with which he is completely comfortable.”

Also, the full report on the BBC’s alleged pro-EU bias is now available online. It unsurprisingly hasn’t done much to calm down those who object to their license fees

Speaking of a waste of license fees (although I suppose they did have the decency to sack him eventually) looks like our old mate, TV’s Robert Kilroy-Silk, has put in an application to the Electoral Commission to register the Veritas Party after all.

Elsewhere History teachers aren’t too impressed with the Tories’ contradictory ideas to make the study of history compulsary.

Oh, and Manic’s latest anti-Rupert Murdoch rant is also definitely worth a look.

Sorry, that was a tad bitty, wasn’t it?

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