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BBC = filthy propaganda merchants (again, apparently)

The wording’s interesting – “there is a widespread perception that the BBC suffers from certain forms of cultural and unintentional bias”.

The report into the BBC’s so-called bias will no doubt be much appreciated in some quarters, but all it’s actually saying is that some people perceive the corporation to be biased in favour of the EU. As I discovered earlier today, people’s perceptions can be severely flawed if they’ve already got set opinions and agendas.

If you’re pro-EU, you’ll probably have little to complain about beyond the lack of coverage by the BBC; if you’re anti-EU, every mention of what’s going on in Brussels that isn’t critical can be interpreted as slavish support. If you have no opinion one way or the other, you’ll probably not particularly care.

Anyway, Toby’s already done a better summing-up job than I can manage. Might return to this at some point though…

Update: EU Realist has a round-up of reactions to the report.