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The anti-EU case and a quick look at the US

Toby at Straight Banana has yet another good post on the pros and cons of the EU, which promises to be the first in a series and kick off a few more of those lovely arguments the bloggosphere so excels at (viz my BNP post down the page). I’ll probably weigh in at some point, but am a tad busy at the mo.

There’s some other worthwhile reading at, a blog linked via that awards thing which sadly doesn’t appear to allow linking to specific posts, including a transcript of Howard “Yeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrgh!” Dean’s letter announcing his intention to stand for Chairman of the Democrats, which – assuming he can keep himself under control and shake his image of being a tad insane – could be quite promising. Replace the word “Democrat” with “pro-Europeans” and “America” with “the EU”, it’s a fairly good model for building a good case for the constitution. Likewise, replace the word “Democrat” with “Conservatives”, “America” with “Britain”, and “states” with “constituencies” and you could have yourself a model for getting the Tories back on track…

I’ll post the whole thing in a comment to this post as I haven’t got time to find a link.