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Vote for me (again)

By the by, Europhobia seems to have put up as Best New Blog in The 3rd Annual Koufax Awards, which are apparently “intended to honor the best of the left of blogtopia”. Everyone seems to think I’m a lefty these days – I doubt the Tory MP I used to work for would be too chuffed about that, but still, so be it.

Now how about bunging me a vote to get through to the next round? Ta!

Edit: Just noticed that there are some others there deserving of votes to up the European contingent – Non Tibi Spiro, East Ethnia, Manic Net Preacher (which hasn’t updated for a few weeks) and the rather less political Early Modern Notes are all worth a look and all. Plus, for a bit of American politics, you can’t go far wrong with Political Strategy. It looks like a strong list – there may be some others worth a look there that I haven’t heard of before to boot.