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Blunkett has quit – about bloody time

The power of modern communications proved his undoing.

Now personally I couldn’t care less whether any of this having an affair, trying to break up a family, using the Metropolitan Police as bodyguards for his mistress, abusing his expenses to buy her train tickets, or getting a nanny a visa business affected his job or was overly dodgy.

What I care about is the fact that he has been one of the most viciously, unpleasantly intrusive Home Secretaries we’ve had for a fair while. He almost made Michael Howard look nice. I don’t care why he’s gone, I’m just glad he has.

Now, as long as Labour can scrap his pet ID card project, the future’s looking a little less bleak in this country.

David Blunkett – worthy of great respect for his achievements in the face of adversity, but worthy only of contempt for the policies he has brought in and was striving to see brought into law.

Update: Bugger. As expected, the Home Office has gone to Charles Clarke, who also strongly believes in ID cards. Ho-hum…

Update 2: Having just seen Blunkett’s interview with Andrew Marr on the BBC’s 10 o’clock news, I feel genuinely sorry for the guy. I am convinced he’s genuinely upset.

But I’m still glad he’s gone. Not that he will be for long – his mistakes were minor compared to those of Peter Mandelson’s, and Mandy’s come back from the dead more times than a bloody phoenix. Give it two years at most, Blunkett will be back in the cabinet – as long as Brown isn’t PM by then, obviously…

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