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A note on the blogroll, if anyone cares

Loosely inspired by DoctorVee, I’ve had a bit of a re-organisation of the links to the left hand side, and added some new ones. I think of my blogroll as bookmarks as much as anything, as I blog from several different computers – they are there to help me find things quickly as much as to point out decent sites to people who have the misfortune of stumbling upon my own.

I will be adding more links over the next few weeks, and then some may disappear as I decide whether or not they are places I am likely to want to visit regularly. This isn’t necessarily a judgement on their quality, it’s just I’ve seen way too many blogs with nonsensical lists of sites which go on for ever and lose all meaning, and mine is already beginning to get out of control. Regular pruning is necessary. If you want a vast list, go here.

Again, if you feel I am missing any good links, let me know. I’m still hunting around, and have frequently forgotten to take note of some good sites I’ve found. At the moment, all those listed have got something interesting to contribute – I disagree with many, but interest and provocation value is the order of the day. If sites stop provoking any kind of reaction, they’ll go simply to save space. It’s not meant as an insult.

Oh, and I’ve also added “non-partisan” into the strapline of this blog, because I am. It sometimes seems this needs to be made clear, as various fellow bloggers have confused me for being a supporter of pretty much every party going over the last few months. I support none – just policies and (occasionally) individual candidates.

Absolutely no one cares at all about this post, do they?