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Like this blog?

Even slightly?

Well, it’s got through to the final round of Deutche Welle’s Weblog Awards 2004, in the category “Best Journalistic Weblog – English”, which is a rather nice surprise. It’s like being nominated for an Oscar or something, only without the need to fork out a vast amount of money on a tuxedo – hurrah!

There’s a jury prize and one voted for by you, the public. So if you fancy giving my ego a boost (like it needs it), how about bunking a vote my way?

I have less than no hope of winning, what with being up against the high-profile likes of Samizdata, Wonkette, Talking Points Memo and dear old Manic at Bloggerheads, all of whom probably get more visitors in an hour than I get in a week, but if I can drum up even a couple of votes, that’d be really rather nice.

Ta all!