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A while back, on another site, I suggested that a multilingual Euroblog might be a nice idea – posts written in several languages, with translations provided. Well, some of the folk at the wonder that is Metafilter have come up with the self-same idea. Viewropa looks to be just as engaging and eclectic as it’s more US-centred parent, largely thanks to the same system of allowing pretty much anyone to post as long as it’s interesting (and connected in some way to Europe).

“Our topic is Europe, and whatever you post must have a connection to Europe… Generally, posts will be about events involving European people, or taking place in European countries. However, posts about people and places beyond Europe are perfectly acceptable so long as their implications for Europe are clear…. the idea of Viewropa is to foster intelligent discussion.”

This should be a welcome addition to the Euroblogosphere. Good work, those people! (via A Fistful of Euros)

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