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“W. is more popular than Kerry with dog owners”

Dear God…

The film itself, the Bush dog Barney hitting the campaign trail, sounds amusing enough. But a Kerry dog called Fifi, replete with a beret? Oooh! Kerry speaks FRENCH! France is the most evil nation in the world!

Call me stupid, but having a head of state who is able to converse in more than one language strikes me as a benefit? Bush’s vague grasp of Spanish is one of the few things that almost elicits admiration. Kerry is fluent in French, and halfway decent in Italian, if I recall correctly. This can surely only be a good thing?

But that’s off the point. The comments to this innocent enough little article (“Who says Republicans are stuffy and no fun!”) are a classic example of the apparent mindset and “sense of humour” of your average Republican voter:

“WE [Republicans] are Red because we have American Blood flowing in our veins. They [Democrats] are Blue in deference to their European bluebloods.”


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