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Russia does it again

There are not words to describe how stupid this is.

Nice to see that Putin’s KGB past isn’t influencing his counter-terrorism tactics at all… 100 dead, 400 wounded, yet they still let 13 of the hostage takers get away. Is negotiation no longer possible? Must we use force in every scenario these days? Does human life no longer have any value?

I despair, I really do. State terrorism is back with a vengeance in Russia, and the state is once again murdering its own citizens and demonstrating immense incompitence in the process. Which is encouraging. As is their continued stockpile of thousands of intercontinental nuclear missiles, many of which are still targeted at US and European targets thanks to no one bothering to take them offline following the end of the Cold War.

In short: Russia is a danger not only to herself and her citizens, but to everyone else in the world. Oh joy.

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