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Making torture fun

It has to be said, Manic has a great talent for getting things spot on:

1. The War on Terror is a lie that will not protect you from terrorists
2. The War on Terror is being used to curb civil liberties and human rights
3. The War on Terror has been used by the Bush administration to justify torture
4. Including the torture of people who aren’t terrorists
5. One day, it will be you with a bag on your head, and you’ll wonder how it all came to be

A Plea To Americans

You came in rather late, but thanks for saving our asses in WW1.

Again with the lateness, but you did it again in WW2. It’s appreciated.

Now, if it’s not too much trouble, we need you to save us from WW3.

It’s going to take more than your vote. You also have to reach out to the people around you and show them what’s really going on. And it’s not going to be easy.

Tim Ireland, 17th September 2004

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