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A short piece on hunting

Yesterday’s Daily Mail was amusing, but has got some people pissed off.

It’s a load of overblown bollocks, that’s for sure. But one thing this whole business has done is turn me from loosely pro-hunt (I grew up in the countryside, and have seen the damage foxes can do etc. etc. etc.) into really not giving a flying fuck about their cause. Especially after they fucked up the hillside near my parents’ place.

Without their pathetic pissing about there could have been a proper debate on the subject (perfectly legitimate parallels could be drawn between the pro-hunting minority’s fight to be allowed to do what they want to do and the homosexual minority’s fight to do what they wanted to do during the 1950s – both pursuits are seen as fine by the people who do them, but as morally reprihensible by their opponents).

But never mind eh?

Note to people planning on any future political protests: try being amusing or maintain the moral high ground through peaceful protest. Don’t act like a twat.

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