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Check me out – BBC World News Today earlier (broadcast c.7pm UK time on BBC4 and BBC World), discussing the EU Elections – I’m a regular media whore.

If you’re based in the UK, you can get my slightly nervous pearls of off-the-cuff wisdom (and check out the unflattering profile view) here for the next week or so. It’s on the BBC’s iPlayer, so non-UK Nosemonkey-watchers are out of luck, I’m afraid. (Unless you happen to know the dark arts of setting up UK proxy servers to get around the geographic block, that is. *ahem*)

Websites name-dropped for finding out more about how to come up with a considered vote were and – both very much worth checking out.

I’ll be back discussing the result a week on Monday, by the sound of things.

Update: Below the fold, my handsome visage. (I need to lose some weight…) And – for I don’t know how long – a non-geographically-specific video thingie

Nosemonkey on the telly

J Clive-Matthews on TV from Robin Clive-Matthews on Vimeo.


  1. Gah! They picked up Alan “facts? what are they” Thomas as a media pundit? WTF?

    Still—they gave you a hyphen and called you James lots didn’t they?

  2. My family were watching – if I’d let them call me Clive (as most – but by no means all – people do) they’d all have started going on about how they’re ALL Clives, and anyway what about Great Uncle Clive? he’ll be spinning in his grave, and anyway you’re more like Derek and Clive, only you’re no Peter Cook are you? you’re not even a Dudley Moore – and it would have ended up very Being John Malkovich (seemingly crossed with James Joyce, thanks to the whole stream of consciousness thing that seems to have popped out there).

    I hate having a confusing double-barrelled name sometimes…

  3. Hey there I’m your blog’s ‘regular lurker’ and just thought I’d delurk to say I enjoyed your site and watched the video with interest. Keep up the good work.

  4. Well done, Clive.

    You all came across as frustratingly reasonable, and the discussion was very mild.

    In fact, just as things began to get interesting, they cut the segment.

    Actually… thinking about it, this was not a particularly outstanding piece by the BBC. It was useful as a plug for your three websites, but nothing of substance was really discussed. Just as it started to warm up, it was over.

    They put you in all in a TV studio (not a blogger’s natural environment) where you all seemed a bit nervous at first. It should have been much more informal – maybe down the pub with a webcam. Or on a couch, at least. How were the swivel chairs they had? At least they looked comfy.

    By glossing everything up, they lose all of the actual subbstance. It looked very flashy, but making you summarise your entire blog in thirty seconds at the end of the segment pretty much sums up the attitude of the entire thing.

    I was anticipating a massive fight, with the presenter losing complete control and being blood drawn.

    That would have been:

    a) more reflective of the EU blogosphere

    b) more entertaining

    c) sort of cathartic

  5. You can see the interview at EU referendum`s site.
    How did you find Dr Helen S to be ?

  6. Helen seemed very pleasant. Turns out she’s a fairly good friend of my uncle’s, so we got on quite well. Naturally enough, I disagree with a lot of her political opinions, but hell – I disagree with a lot of my parents’ political opinions, not to mention the wife’s…

  7. I thought Helen came across as entirely reasonable.

    Mind you, the presenter didn’t really let her speak, and was fairly short with her when she said something she disagreed with.

    I did have a stereotype of Helen in my head because of her rhetoric on EU referendum. I will have to re-evaluate my stereotype.

  8. Helen has been on TV quite a few times before, and I gather she has a bit of a reputation for being quite forceful in her opinions – I’m guessing that would have been in the briefing notes they had on each of us. As it was, the discussion was so general we didn’t really get on to the meat – had we done, I’m sure she would have gleefully kicked into gear.

    Please note that when I say above that “I disagree with her political opinions”, that is a very, very mild form of my take on her world-view. I can’t stress enough how much of an understatement that was.

  9. I liked the “but first, a quick look at their websites” bit.

    What the hell was that all about? I’ve not read Shiraz Socialist’s blog before, so I have no idea how showing a picture of the French flag, a frog and the Eiffel tower represents his writing. Is it a coded insult? :-D

    A slow pan of your page-layout, accompanied by lazy-day pop music. Ah! So that’s what a blog looks like!