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Moldova reaching crisis point?

It seems that another ex-Soviet state on the European fringe is on the brink of revolution following the weekend’s elections in Moldova as students storm the Parliament building and face off against riot police and the military.

On Twitter, Moscovici, Kosmopolit and Julien Frisch are providing regular updates (in fact this is already being dubbed “The Twitter Revolution”), while on the blogs Maladets! is doing likewise. Videos of the increasingly violent situation in the capital can be found at, including these:In English, Russia Today has this report up on YouTube:

But with both internet and phone networks down in Moldova itself, reliable information is hard to come by. The major Western television news networks are – so far – silent on events in this small, largely ignored country, and so (as so often) Google News is your best source for press reports. It’s all strangely reminiscent of the early stages of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution four and a half years ago, where the attention of the Western press was similarly slow to turn to the East, and information was similarly confused and confusing. All that is certain is that this is already turning nasty – and could yet turn nastier.

Update: Blogging live from Moldova

Update 2 (9:45pm BST): Scraps of Moscow has a fairly comprehensive roundup of news and rumours, including a link to a local English-language news portal with regular updates and several photo galleries and videos.

Update 3 (10:30pm BST): Another good roundup from Julien Frisch, with a bunch of other videos, pics and blog sources.