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Top blogs list

Via DK, it appears that leading UK Tory blogger Iain Dale is putting together another of his top blogs lists. Last year it was somewhat hampered by selection bias – evidence of which is still on display in Dale’s new Total Politics blog directory, which lists this place in the “Non Aligned” category but not the Europe/EU one (a list that also fails to mention Jon Worth, among others). I wasn’t even aware of the list until I discovered I was in it…

Anyway, if you fancy it the instructions for sending in your pics can be found here – basically, email in your ten favourites – UK-based or UK-focussed blogs only – in order of preference. Whether you believe he deserves it or not, one thing is certain – Dale seems to be regarded as something of a British blogging expert, and his list is bound to get some attention. It would be a shame if decent, deserving blogs end up losing out simply because their readers don’t bother reading blogs by Dale and his readers.

(Personally, I find making top ten lists almost impossible at the best of times – let alone top tens in order of preference… This may take me a while…)