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Blogger becomes Finnish Foreign Minister

Congrats Alex Stubb MEP (yes, he of the website full of really bizarre photos) on his recently-announced promotion following the highly entertaining mobile phone sex scandal.

That makes two Scandinavian countries with bloggers as Foreign Ministers (the other being Sweden’s Calr Bildt, formerly of Bildt Comments fame). With David Miliband doing the blogging Foreign Secretary thing for the UK, does this mean that Britain is finally acknowledging our northern heritage?

Let face it, us Brits are all pretty much Scandinavian when you get down to it – the Angles (of Anglo-Saxon fame) were pretty much from Denmark, the Normans were originally Vikings (the name coming from “Norse men”, or something), and most of the north of England was under Scandinavian rule for centuries.

Plus, of course, we’ve got the Scandinavian booze habit. And a tendency to rape and pillage when we go abroad – especially to Ibiza and the Costa del Sol.

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