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Anyone else having problems with Wordpress 2.5?

I’m getting a load of “you do not have permission to do that” errors and appear no longer to be able to add custom fields to posts, or edit their timestamps, which is somewhat irritating.

What with Firefox also having gone crap on me since the latest updates (both to regular Firefox and to Firefox 3 beta), eating up half my processor power and slowing normally decidedly speedy computer to a crawl, I’m getting rather annoyed with two bits of software I can’t normally do without, and am starting to punch inanimate objects.

Still, you get what you pay for, I suppose…


  1. Apart from Popularity Contest not working, which you don’t seem to have a problem with (and which was easily solved by reading this forum and editing the plugin) I seem to have got away with 2.5 pretty much unscathed.

    This FAQs may help you out, though. Regarding timestamps it says
    “In Write->Post, in the Publish Status area, click on the Edit button to the right of Publish immediately. When editing a Post, there is a similar edit button in the Publish Status area next to the Published on date and time.”

    As for Custom Fields, whatever they are, I have them as the third of the Advanced Options at the foot of the Write Post page.

  2. It needs some time to bed down… I considered upgrading, but realised most of my plugins would not work with it, and hence decided not to. You can edit timestamps though (although I forget how just at the moment!)

  3. Meh – too fiddly. And having hunted around a bit (ta for that FAQ link, Quinn) I’ve gone back to the old version.

    Surely upgrades are meant to improve, not reduce possibilities – and that’s all that Wordpress 2.5 appears to do. I particularly object to a bit of software telling me I don’t have permission to make changes to my own damn website – and I couldn’t find a fix for that anywhere…

  4. Oh, and on a semi-related note – why has Firefox suddenly gone shit? Both the regular version (which keeps removing the back and forward buttons for no apparent reason) and the latest beta of Firefox 3 (which is eating up half my – sizable – processor power, leeching up to 900megs of RAM, and generally being rubbish). I’ve been forced to switch to Opera having been a loyal Firefox/Firebird/Phoenix user for the last six years.

    Grrr… Computers… Vista’s pissing me off too.

  5. I’ve probably just put the kiss of death on my PC now but I’m using 2.5 and Firefox without any trouble what-so-ever. Well that was what I was going to say until I tried to change the time stamp which is a little temperamental to say the least if I change the month and time then the month and time changes however if I change just the time then nothing happens – although I don’t get “you don’t have permission to do that”. As far as plugins go, I’ve got all mine working (Akismet, Bad Behaviour, Spam Karma 2 & wp-cache), which I guess isn’t too many.

    As for Firefox I’ve haven’t tried version 3.

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  7. You could try the latest nightly for Firefox 3 beta builds:

    Beta 3 used to crash on me all the time until I recently tried the nightly, though the downside is that it might disable some of your extensions, which OTOH can be enabled by the ‘nightly tester tools’ addon:

    Making compatible said extensions could bork though….