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links for 2008-03-09

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  1. So many years of struggle. I would like to see the rights of your country protected by the people sent to do so. Instead what I’ve been seeing is an obvious cooperation with Greece to continue to meddle and insult the great country of Macedonia. I’ve seen before in history this kind of posture from our so-called great leaders. We had in my country a Senator by the name of Joe McCarthy who was allowed to destroy lives in the same fashion we had evidenced throughout Europe not long before his disgusting Blacklists. Our whole government for too long did nothing. In this case also the US and NATO have done nothing but allow Greece to make demands it has no right to make. If they continue to allow this, as with the McCarthy shame, they will become the shame of Greece by doing nothing to stop them. If NATO allows one country to impose itself this way just once it will happen again and again and NATO will have compromised the values it was founded on to such a degree that it will collapse it’s own foundation. The people of the world will cease to believe in this league of nations that Pres. Woodrow Wilson imagined and fought so hard to develop that he had a stroke from fighting with his Congress. It’s a small country but it’s so big to challenge the world for all the things it has the right to decide for itself. My bitter sadness is to evidence my countries lack of assistance to your country as though it’s not important enough to the US to get involved. Just once it would be good to see my country do that because it’s the right thing to do. My president is always accused of only fighting fights that are of monetary benefit to him. I don’t believe that but it would certainly stop this accusing if he would help your country by becoming a champion to the citizens of Macedonia. I don’t believe in the mediator sent by the U.N.-Matthew Nimetz- because nothing has been suggested in all this time other than Macedonia making compromises that are not in the best interest of your country. They are only beneficial to Greece. What kind of arbitration is this? This man has shown no interest in doing his job well. The US certainly has no loyalty obligation to a country that allows even one citizen to burn our US flag in public. I wish I could shout to the world, “this is wrong.” I am praying for the continuation of your country. It is not the function of NATO to wipe small countries from the earth-stripped of rich history and tradition to appease one members need to hide their shame. The day NATO allows this to happen will be a very black day for the world. I hope these leaders are wise enough to not let that happen.