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links for 2008-02-15


  1. Shape the Party of European Socialists Manifesto in London!

    Every major issue (and solution) has global reach and every global issue has local impact. Only by making it more relevant to people’s everyday lives can we develop a more social and democratic Europe. That’s why PES Activists and Compass Youth want to make connections that will keep the PES in touch with the most dynamic and innovative thinking of local activists. You are the eyes and ears of your communities so come and join the debate with our amazing line-up of speakers and feed in your ideas and opinions. We will also launch our EU Citizens for London campaign as part of this series of debates.

    Check out the full series of events

  2. Dear Nosemonkey,

    In this podcast conversation I talk with Sir Ivor Roberts, former UK Ambassador to Yugoslavia in the mid-1990s, now head of Trinity College, Oxford. The subject is Kosovo, and more broadly what western military interventions may entail.

    To my surprise I found that we agree pretty much right down the line — from Yugoslavia to the stupidity of the war in Iraq. Sir Ivor is, I think, old-fashioned in that he prefers diplomacy over war.

    Perhaps not so much new news here, but a very interesting perspective from a veteran diplomat, superb policy analysis, and quite timely in that the Albanians in Kosovo are on the brink of unilaterally declaring their independence (this Sunday, if Reuters is to be believed). Something to keep an eye on, not only as regards its effects on regional stability but because Kosovo is a bellwether for Russia’s relations with the West.

    As always, if you think this podcast worthwhile please feel free to redistribute the link.