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A cultural quickie

If you haven’t seen these already, and are based in the UK, watch today via the really rather fun BBC iPlayer:

Jonathan Meades: Magnetic North – yet another top-notch contribution from the almost always fascinating Meades, this time looking at the shared culture of northern Europe. So good I can ignore his uncanny resemblance to my dear father. (Unfortunate fellow, my dad – HIS father looked just like Gregory Peck…)

If you aren’t aware of Meades, have a gander at his rather good take on Nazi architecture as well, and I can’t recommend his superb programme on Surrealism highly enough:

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Also worth a gander via iPlayer is The Art of Spain: The Mystical North – the third (?) part of this really rather fun series from Andrew Graham-Dixon, not someone I’ve previously taken to. He’s certainly convinced me that Spanish art is well worth paying attention to, however – I was always more of a French/German man myself.

More (possibly) later – busy this morning.

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