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The problems of democratic reform

Ah yes – that’s a nice easy thing to try and summarise, isn’t it? Nonetheless, I gave it pop – trying to wrap up the dLiberation blog I’ve been writing/editing for openDemocracy for the last few weeks. Warning: it’s a bit long, and probably rather confused in places…

Other recent pieces include: European opinion (or the lack thereof), Better the devil you know? (on the impracticalities of constant referenda, and the compromises needed for democracy to function), Scientific representation and democracy (on how no representative system can ever be truly representative).

And, on a different theme, these may be of interest: No one cares about the EU (on the “referendum rally”), A distinct lack of interest (yet more about how no one cares about the EU).

Or, of course, if you’ve missed me that much you could just go and check out the rest of the coverage.

Posting is likely to be light here for another week thanks to insane workloads, but back soon.